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The Winter Key To Savings Program is back! From 12/3 until 1/6/22, every time you shop with your Customer Loyalty Card at a participating location, you’ll earn points towards a 10% or 20% discount that you can redeem on your next shopping trip from 1/7/22 through 1/20/22 at the same store. 

To qualify for our spectacular discounts this season, you must update your Customer Loyalty Card with complete information. Please stop by your local store's customer service counter to ensure you are eligible.

To redeem, clip coupon(s) from the Loyalty Club tab to add your discount to your card.

If you spent over $500 during the earn period, you will have two 10% discounts and two ways to save.

You can either:

  • Clip both coupons to stack discounts on your next shopping trip, OR
  • Clip one coupon for a discount on your next shopping order, and clip the other before your second trip during the redeem period (1/7/22 – 1/20/22)

To clip your coupon(s) click HERE.

To track your progress, check the bottom of your receipt after each visit.